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Mental Health/Wellbeing Care

What is Good Mental Health?

As we know, good mental health is not simply the absence of diagnosable mental health problems.  Good mental health is characterised by a person's ability to fulfil a number of key functions and activities such as being able to learn, feel, express and manage a range of emotions, and to form and maintain good relationships with others. 

Positive mental health includes self-esteem, our ability to solve problems and the ability to cope, adapt and manage change and uncertainty.  Healthy stress is a necessary and integral part of our lives, but too much stress, especially over prolonged periods, can cause changes in our moods, behaviour, relationships with others, in our ability to cope and physical symptoms. There are many stressors facing individuals and families which can hinder our emotional well-being such as;

  • Family/Marital/Relationship Breakdown
  • Bereavement
  • Getting Older - Reduced sense of purpose
  • Health Problems with oneself or concern over a loved one health 
  • Caring for a family member with high dependency needs
  • Economic Stress Factors
  • Loneliness / Children Emigrating for Economic Reasons
  • Problems at work, school or college

At Fingal Home Care we offer a range of services directed at assisting you to develop, maintain and build some resilience into your emotional well-being.

Exercise and Companionship

Exercise helps stimulate hormones such as endorphins, which help you feel better about yourself and your life.  This doesn't mean you have to hit the gym (but fine if you do!), it could be simply going out for a walk with your Carer and getting some fresh air.  When you are out and about it is an opportunity to chat with friends or neighbours.  Even though exercise may be the last thing you feel like, the Irish weather can be just the thing for 'blowing off the cobwebs'!

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Social Interaction /Join a Club

There are plenty of clubs and day centres offering a plethora of activities and opportunities to meet others of a similar age/disability and interests out there.  Perhaps you feel apprehensive about meeting others; one of our Carers can attend with you and give you the confidence to go out and meet others.

Computer/Social Media Skills

Have a computer in the house and would love to keep in contact with your children abroad via email, social media or Skype? The only problem is you have no idea how to even turn the computer on? Not a problem.  Our friendly Carers can teach you the necessary skills in basic computing and social media skills, and before you know it you'll be an expert! 

Assistance with Household Chores 

You have peace of mind when you have a Fingal Home Care Carer in your home.  Our staff are fully insured and garda vetted, so you can be reassured about having help in the home if you are not there.  Our Home Help Services are OPEN TO EVERYONE.  So if you are a busy Mum or Dad wouldn't you love to come home to a clean house, with beds made, spotless bedrooms and immaculate bathrooms? If the answer is Yes, then we are ready to help you. 

How about making dinners for the week?

Yes, we really have qualified Chefs on staff who can prepare healthy nutritious meals in bulk if you so desire.  In addition to their Chef Qualifications, our staff of course have their Food Safety and HACCP Fetac 5 Certification.  Our Chefs can make up a variety of meals and pop them in the freezer, ready for you/parent or relative when you need them.  Food can also be thickened and prepared just how you like them (as medically directed).

Check out our Meal Preparation/Chef Services

Loneliness and Older Persons 

There are several reasons why older persons become lonelier, but overall we simply become less connected.  In our younger years we have the connection of a social life, a working life and colleagues, connection to other parents at your children's schools, community groups etc. The less engaged we become, the bigger the disconnection from society and community.  As we age we may have decreased social networks, bereavement of a spouse, friends or a pet, retirement, or perhaps our family and children are living far away, which all can make it particularly difficult for some older people.


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At Fingal Home Care we can provide your parent or loved one with a compassionate home care service in their own homes.  Our Carers are garda vetted, rigorously interviewed, FETAC Level 5 trained in Health Care Skills, First Aid & Patient/Manual Handling Trained, professional and reliable and matched to your needs and interests.



We can offer you, your parent/loved one;

  • Companionship and Conversation
  • Going out for walks
  • Transport them to visit friends and family
  • Accompanying them to Clubs or Day Centres
  • Trips to the shops or shopping centre
  • Basic Computer & Social Media Skills/Skype


Read More about all the Services we can provide you with in your own home.   


Have Your Heard?

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Green Ribbon Campaign - May 2013

Did you know there is a month long national green ribbon campaign to get people talking openly about mental health problems in May 2013.  At Fingal Home Care we will be supporting this movement to spark a national conversation about mental health.  The aim is to make the month of May every year synonymous with challenging the stigma of mental health.

Our Carers will be wearing the green ribbon proudly during May 2013.




For further information on availing of our Home Care Services for you or your loved one, please contact the Client Care Manager for your Area. They will arrange for a prompt assessment of your needs and discuss the types of supports we can offer you.

Alternatively, please submit your request for a phone or email response via our Contact Us page.





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