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Meal Preparation/Chef Services

Yes we have Qualified Chefs on staff who are delighted to offer Meal Preparation Services. That's right wholesome, freshly prepared, nutritious meals, made from scratch!

Reasons Why You May Want Meals Made in Bulk
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  1. Working Mums & Dads - No rushing to prepare dinner when you get home, so you can get on with the homework!
  2. Concerned about a parent or relatives nutritional intake.
  3. Concerned about a parent or relatives safety when cooking.
  4. Concerned about consistency of food - would like foods, cubed, blended or pureed.
  5. Going on holiday and need to have prepared meals for your parent/relative.
  6. There are no meals-on-wheels services in your area.

Benefits of Our Service

  • Peace of Mind - Food is prepared by a Qualified Chef, who of course also have their Food Safety and HACCP FETAC Level 5.
  • Fresh, Wholesome, Nutritious, Freshly Prepared Food.
  • Healthier option for you than frozen meals.
  • Can be made to your specific dietary requirements.
  • Meals/Drinks can be thickened (as medically directed).

Swallowing Difficulties (also known as Dysphagia)

Our Meal Preparation Service caters for people who have difficulty swallowing food and liquids safely.  When they swallow, food and liquids are at risk of entering their airway and lungs, instead of going into the food pipe (oesophagus) and stomach.  As a result they can suffer from lung infections, malnutrition, dehydration and other medical complications. Normal solid food can be difficult to chew and swallow when there is loss of teeth, loose dentures or weak tongue and lip muscles.  Your family member may need softer foods which are finely mashed, pureed or thickened to a specific consistency (as medically directed).   

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For further information on availing of our Home Care Services for you or your loved one, please contact the Client Care Manager for your Area. They will arrange for a prompt assessment of your needs and discuss the types of supports we can offer you.

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