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Quality Monitoring System

Our Quality Monitoring System is designed to ensure that, once your needs are assessed and your care plan is set-up, that you always get the care you deserve.  At Fingal Home Care we constantly monitor and review the quality of care that you receive. 

Our 10-Step Process Ensures You Get Quality Care Every Time, On-Time.

1.  Assessment  

At Fingal Home Care we believe quality standards not only lie with our wonderful Carers, but essentially from the initial assessment and design of your personalised care plan. Following an initial enquiry, one of our Care Representatives will come and assess you/or your relatives individual home care needs. If you are still in hospital we can, with your permission, conduct the assessment with a relative, so your home care package is ready to go as soon as you are home.  Please feel free to have a family member, relative or friend with you if you so desire. Our Care Representatives will assess what level of assistance you require, such as help with washing/dressing/feeding/prompting medication and mobility etc. They will also carry out a Health & Safety Risk Assessment to ascertain that you and our Carers have a safe environment to work in, i.e. that any transferring equipment such as hoists, bathroom aids, mobility aids etc. are in place. During the assessment you and your family members will have the opportunity to ask any questions or concerns that you have about our Carers and our service.  

2.  Your Individual Care Plan

Conducting a detailed assessment and getting to know you and your particular needs, will ensure that we deliver a home care service to you which is exactly what you are looking for. Once the Client Care Manager has a complete assessment of your needs, likes and dislikes, they can then complete your Personalised Care Plan. Remember, our Care Plans are constantly being reviewed and updated, so as your needs change or grow, our service grows with you.

3.  Finding the Right Carer(s) For You

It is usually very early in any relationship that we can intuitively work out whether we have a positive or negative chemistry with someone.  When considering a Carer for you we will take into account your personality traits, like whether you are talkative and out-going or shy and quiet, plus your interests and hobbies.  As we want you to have a positive experience of our home care service, we will always endeavour to make that perfect match for you.  Like any relationship in life, sometimes you just 'click' with someone and create that perfect chemistry.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Carer, we will of course replace the Carer with an alternate member of staff.  In our 30 years of experience we have learned that good communication and a clear understanding of duties to be carried out with both parties, often avoids any misunderstandings.  Although at work, we always remind our Carers that we are in other people's homes and we expect them to respect you, your home, your family/friends and visitors.  Accordingly we expect our Carers to be treated with the same respect.

4.  Client Diary

As part of our quality monitoring system a Client Diary is maintained in each home and our Carers document all the tasks and activities that they have completed, plus any information relevant for the next Carer call as this ensures good communication practices and good continuity of care.  At the front of your Client Diary are the detailed tasks that the Carer must complete at each visit, in the event of your Carer being on leave, the alternate Carer will know exactly what duties to carry out in your home. The Client Diary is confidential and so our carers will be mindful and respect your privacy, by ensuring that the diary is out of view of others that may visit your home.

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5.  Continuity of Care

Attaining and maintaining our excellent standards of care is paramount to our quality monitoring of our service to clients. Any client concerns from a Carer are immediately brought to the attention of the Client Care Manager, who then escalates the matter to the appropriate person i.e. family, public health nurse, physiotherapist or occupational therapist etc.  Any changes to the client care plan, change of carer request, complaints etc. are all noted in the clients confidential file. This ensures that if your Client Care Manager is absent/on leave, that the alternate Manager is fully updated on your care plan.

6.  Carer Monitoring System

Our client management system ensures that the Carer arrives on time and stays for the full duration. If you have high dependency needs and require two Carers, each Carer has to log into the system, again we will know immediately if one Carer has not arrived on time. This call, which comes from the clients' phone, is free of charge and does not cost the client anything. If for any reason your Carer does not arrive on time, the system flags it immediately with our Monitoring Team. We can then arrange for another Carer to be with you as soon as possible.  This system gives you peace of mind as we will know immediately if there is any problem with your Carer. This is rare, but we will know immediately and we will be able to ensure you get care no matter what.

7.  Carer Reviews and Spot Checks

As well as our Carer Monitoring System, we have Care Representatives for each area. The Care Representatives makes on-the-spot visits to the clients' homes to supervise our Carers at work, and ensure that our clients are receiving the best of care.  They will also review all the duties being carried out with the client and ensure that the clients individual home care plan is being carried out as agreed. 

8.  Client Reviews
iStock 000017758942Small Thumbnail0Each Client Care Representatives will review your care plan and the service you are receiving from Fingal Home Care, on a regular basis to ensure our quality standards are being met to your satisfaction. Our Trainers are also qualified to visit our clients and carry out these reviews. This review allows the client or their family to discuss the care on a regular basis, it is an opportunity to be completely honest regarding your care plan, the care you are receiving from our Carers and your overall satisfaction with our service.  The client review is confidential, so you should never be hesitant about giving feedback as we depend on this to keep up our excellent standards.  Our Care Representatives and Scheduling Team always welcome and actively seek feedback from our clients, as we are constantly looking at ways to improve our service to you.

9.  Independent HSE Quality Monitoring

Our quality standards, record keeping, client review procedures, human resources procedures, financial accounting etc. are also subject to regular independent reviews from the Health Service Executive.

10.  Client Booklet

Each client will be issued with a Fingal Home Care Client Booklet.  This guide will give you all the information that you require on our services provided, health and safety, staff recruitment and training, staff policies and procedures, money management, key holding, supplies and equipment, feedback, and complaints procedures.  The Client Booklet will also have the contact information for your Client Care Manager on the front.

Any Issues?

Any concerns at any time, don't wait and let something that's bothering you go un-reported. Our friendly Client Care Managers are always on hand, so please never hesitate to contact us.  Remember, your feedback is always welcome and we depend on it as one of our vital components in maintaining our excellent standards of care. 


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For further information on availing of our Home Care Services for you or your loved one, please contact the Client Care Manager for your Area. They will arrange for a prompt assessment of your needs and discuss the types of supports we can offer you.

Alternatively, please submit your request for a phone or email response via our Contact Us page.




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